May 2022 – Summary

Each May I live in the hope that I will ring a good number and selection of migrants at SML. The reality this year (and every other year) has been a large number of re-traps, both of resident species and returning migrants such as Blackcap and Chiffchaff, whilst new birds and passage migrants have remained elusive. I have to accept the fact that, given reasonable weather, there is little reason for birds to linger or even stop at South Milton on route to their breeding grounds. Consequently, I have struggled to find the enthusiasm to keep the blog up to date.

However, 96 birds of fifteen species were trapped this month, with 45 new birds, 50 re-traps and one UK control Reed Warbler. Adults and juveniles of resident species such as Blackbird, Dunnock, Long-tailed Tit, Robin and Wren made up 75% of the new birds with just 11 migrants amongst the total.

SpeciesNew BirdsRe-trapsTotal
Blue Tit044
Cetti’s Warbler033
Great Tit112
Great-spotted Woodpecker101
Long-tailed Tit718
Reed Warbler257
Sedge Warbler235

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