Wednesday 13th June 2018

SML Horswell Ditch 13-06-2018 1

Horswell Ditch – nine months after excavation

With the weather forecast to deteriorate tonight, I squeezed in a ringing session this morning. Not the most exciting of days but pretty typical for the middle of June. Just 27 birds of which 7 were recaptures and one a control Reed Warbler. This has probably come from Slapton Ley. Wrens and Blue Tits made up the bulk of the new birds but these also included the first juvenile Chiffchaff and Sedge Warbler of the year.

Things were so quiet at one point that I strolled across to look at the new ditch. The water level has dropped recently, exposing muddy banks but vegetation is already re-establishing after last year’s excavations. There were four species of damselfly and dragonfly present and I spotted a young frog close to the sluice. This is the first amphibian I have ever seen at SML so it looks as though the hoped-for increase in biodiversity has already started!

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