How good are your bird identification skills? Win access to budget birding trips!

BirdIDProbably not as good as you like to think they are! A look through the posts on the Devon Birds website over the last year reveals plenty of errors. Test your skills with images and calls using the training quizzes for the Western Palearctic on the BirdID Norway website. Set the difficulty level to 3, the same as their formal test, and see how close to 100% you can get on the image quiz before attempting the sound quiz! If you feel up to it register and take the formal tests. These are web-based and if successful you get a certificate and a free t-shirt with the BirdID logo. It’s completely free and you can have up to three attempts. Once the formal tests for the Western Palearctic have been passed you become eligible to take part in any of three, low-cost, annual field study trips. The destinations and current prices are:-

·           Morocco (Atlas mountains, Sahara desert and wetlands) in March (10 days for £228)

·           Bulgaria (in conjunction with the BSPB) in late April/early May (10 days for £137)

·           Northern Norway (Finnmark, Pasvik and Varanger) in June (7 days for £340)

These prices include guides, drivers, transport, accommodation, breakfast and dinner and the field study trips are fantastic value. Having taken part in and thoroughly enjoyed all three, I felt the least I could do was publicise their WEBSITE as they are keen to engage with more UK based birders. For a bit more info, an article I wrote for Devon Birds after our trip to Norway in 2016 can be viewed HERE.

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